LIVE ARTS Stage poetry – Music – Theater Constantly besieged by the tyranny of doing, we forget that we can stop time whenever we want, synchronize with a time that does not seek. The evil of the century: being busy. Prelude to slowness is a sound poem, it is a collective meditation, it is a longing to stop, it is a manifesto. ARTISTIC SHEET / Creation and interpretation: Roqui Albero and Ana Sanahuja / Text and stage look: Pablo Rosal / Music and sound space: Roqui Albero and Ana Sanahuja / Stage space, art and costumes: Teresa Juan / Lighting design: Ximo Rojo and Hipólito Patón / Production: Versonautas With the collaboration of: Valencian Institute of Culture, Valencia City Council and Russafa Escènica Festival..     ABOUT THE PIECE “Stopping, concentrating, listening, and delighting are lessons in endurance. Thank you VERSONAUTS for reminding us of the importance of getting a little out of tune with this world that is going at such a frenetically exorbitant pace. Manifest wonder. Absolute communion between the stalls and the stage. Emotion, sensory adventure and magic last night on the TEM tables. Unforgettable.” Juanma Artigot (artistic director of TEM, Valencia) “Ana Sanahuja and Roqui Albero are the two musicians, interpreters and rhapsodes of a new scenic proposal in which they continue to investigate the possibilities that poetry and live music offer to the living arts.” The vanguard “That disciplines such as poetry, music or theater are intertwined always generates an attraction and is a way of broadening our gaze towards new horizons. A piece that has already been presented in diverse but converging scenarios; theaters, oral and scenic poetry festivals, electronic music or experimental music cycles… Many reflections are revolving around this piece.” Sound Alchemy “In dizzying times with too much stimulation of images, this work is committed to artistic exploration from the spiral of sound, the pulverization of time and the incursion into poetry, in its pause.” Urban Agenda “Recreating this ceremonial, stopping and saying enough, we suddenly witness a siege of necessity that unites us. Two. Three. Twenty-seven lucubrations beyond the wood and the legs, a sharp beep, which lengthens, as if to differentiate the latent from the dead, which can endure or, on the contrary, petrify to be a perpetual fugue pose.” Thalamus Magazine “Versonautas like to mix music, theater and poetry to provoke a certain sensory experience in the public. An experience that could be said to be mystical”. Makma Magazine THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Prelude to Slowness installs us in a place prior to everything to do. Through music and words, we immerse ourselves in a guided meditation, in sensory training that places us on the threshold of perception. This piece, this clearing in the forest, opens a crack that leads us to spiritual openness through repetition, spiral, coiling, insistence. There is a spell in the act of influencing the beauty of the simple. The key is: “Trust me. You dare? We repeat.” Actually, Prelude to Slowness is itself the target, the end, it is the gestation of the optimal scenario, the one that prepares us for love. We are in a place where we have stopped expecting something, where doing means being completely in this situation. This piece offers us an artistic meditation, which aspires to leave us in the anteroom of our own starting point. As in a walk or in the contemplation of a painting, the effect is manifested after looking or walking, in the same way, step by step and through the figure of two “officiants” who guide us, we are building from scratch, embracing the imperfection. What we see is emerging from the moment, it is born here, from knowing that we have nothing to do. We have come to not do. We can no longer continue to be innocent beings. We must stop being mere psychopaths totally devoid of a sense of community and spirituality. Now we only have to make people fall into beautiful traps. Instead of delving so deeply into progress, we can rather invoke the return. Faced with so much image that inhibits our ability to imagine, we propose to build from sound and word. We are not going forward, we are going backwards. “We can stop time whenever we want.” «The passage of time is not Time! We are the absence of time.” We have invited you, dear viewers, to meet again!

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