VERSONAUTAS is a life project formed by Ana Sanahuja and Roqui Albero, two musicians and stage creators who wander on the margins of artistic disciplines such as oral and stage poetry, music, performance and theater.
«We speak a language made of fragments, of remains that we have been accumulating. What we do is the consequence of a need that surpasses us. We are unstable animals, believers in everything intangible. We use music as scenic and expressive material, showing it as a dramatic element, with a presence that places it face to face with the text.»

Throughout their career, Versonautas has created five stage projects and two albums, touring more than 200 venues and with the collaboration of artists such as Pablo Rosal (actor in Agrupación Señor Serrano), Jorge Drexler, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Pablo Martin Jones (musical producer of Rocío Molina), David Espinosa, Hipólito Patón (actor in Societat Doctor Alonso) or Carles Campi Campón.

Among his performances, the following stand out: Teatre El Musical, Sagunt a Escena Festival, Havana Poetry House, Barcelona Poetry Festival, IVAM, Radio 3 Concerts, Eufònic Festival, Caixa Forum BCN, Irreconcilables Festival, Cosmopoética Festival, CCCC, Theater Jovellanos, Urogallo Festival, Vociferio or Sala Carme Teatre.

Versonautas also collaborates in the composition of music for theater, video art, dance and poetry.

The name VERSONAUTAS was a gift from the singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler.

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